Hey, I'm Dennis

Passionate survey scripter, designer, developer and thinker

What I Do

I don't just script surveys, my passion is to design beautiful solutions and smooth user-experience that capture the right type of information! And that is what I aim for in surveys. Design and look and feel at its best.

Do you need help with your survey projects and you prefer your own data collection software?
With more than 15 years of professional experience in surveydesign and working for top research agencies, I'm sure I can help you with your survey scripting, design and development work.


Who I Am

I love to rethink how people can interact with your online research. And I believe it should be easy and available for everyone to have beautiful well designed surveys.
Therefore my solutions can be delivered as standalone tool or added in your existing surveys.

Happy I can do this creative surveyfriendly mission from Amsterdam the Netherlands with great partners for great clients all over the world!

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Dennis Sewberath
Be SurveyFriendly too :)


My Work

Every day people and organizations ask for our opinion and feedback. There are so many surveys, polls and feedback forms. You won't make any real impact in your research results if you aren't heard above all these traditional surveys. You’ll need a little something extra ...

Looking for a specific solution, existing tool or like to brainstorm? Feel free to get in touch! My solutions can be delivered as standalone tool, added in your existing surveys or as full service project.

Research Messenger

To have a conversation provide more valuable feedback than just firing questions.

demo | more info


A card based user interface. Questions and information presented in the form of cards.

demo | more info

Break free from traditional surveys

The examples below are a showcase to inspire you what can be added in surveys.


I love to share my ideas how design in surveys help us solving the biggest challenges we currently face in online market research.

By applying small adjustments in your survey you create already huge improvements.

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Say Hello.

Hope you like my work! I'm happy to tell and show you much more!
It's time! Break free from boring surveys and join the next-generation surveys.