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We build surveys & research solutions that people love!

Solutions can be used as standalone tool, plugin in your existing surveys or as full service project.

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We make our solutions personal, fun and intuitive. People get more involved and focussed to answer your questions.

Reach everyone everywhere!

We design HTML5 lightweight based solutions that run on all devices without the hassle to install an App but still with native App functionalities.

Deeper and more meaningful insight

Surveydesign goes well beyond creating a visually stunning survey. We provide proven solutions that improve the data-quality, work simultaneously cross platform, on all kind of devices, screen sizes and operating systems, and work for both mouse and touch.

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Feel free to download our presentations. Hope they can inspire you for your own SurveyFriendly projects!

Be SurveyFriendly too :)

How design in surveys can help us solving the biggest challenges we currently face in market research



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Dennis Sewberath

SurveyFriendly Designer

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I love to rethink how people can interact with your research.
Focus is always on your research question and then design around it.

Solutions can be delivered as standalone tool, plugin in your existing surveys or as full service project.
Happy I can do this creative surveyfriendly mission from Amsterdam the Netherlands with great partners for great clients all over the world!

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